Laurels House of Horror and Escape Room - Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

Presenting the New Escape Room

“Seven Deadly Sins” is the newest, most unique, and easily the most challenging escape room experience we’ve ever created. In five and a half “ancient” and elaborate rooms, you and a group will be tested to your absolute limits to overcome intricate puzzles, time-sensitive obstacles and a difficult environment. More intense than our original rooms, all of your sense will be tested to escape the seven sins.

You enter through Pride (the first room) — will you leave with Pride, or by Envious of the ones that escape? Perfect for team-building. Reservations only. Book now!

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Sneak Peek of “Escape the Movies” and “Seven Deadly Sins”

We’ve completely revamped “Escape the Movies” escape room, too.  Check out the gallery below for pics of both escape rooms.

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Watch more videos here — come see us soon!