Is the Haunted House open right now?

No, the “House of Horror” Haunted House is CLOSED for the season and will re-open next September 2018.  Thank you to every single one of you that came out this year to make our cast and crew the #1 rated Haunted House.  We’ll be working hard to make next year’s haunt even better!


Yes! We are an indoor facility, and have overhangs outside, too, to avoid the rain.

Where are you located?

Find us at the haunted, abandoned movie theater!  We are located at 935 Fairlawn Avenue, Laurel, Maryland 20707, in the corner-most of the shopping center. We are down to the right of Chuck E. Cheese in the shopping center. If you are coming from Marshall Avenue, we are on the left hand side. If you are coming down 4th Street, we are on your right and the building is lit up in red lights and there is ample parking there. View Map

How can I get tickets?

During the Halloween season (September – November), you can buy tickets for the Haunted House at the door, or book them in advance online.  Tickets can be purchased at the box office with CASH only. There is an ATM on-site. We strongly encourage you to reserve your tickets online here. Be sure to check out “Speed Pass” option to bypass the regular line. Please keep in mind that the haunted house gets busy around Halloween, and lines can be long as it gets late.  The “Speed Pass” lets you skip the regular line — the pass includes entry to the “House of Horror” with skip-the-line priveleges.

When is the Haunted House open?

Dates and times will be announced on the Haunted House page. The House of Horror haunted house attraction is open in the Fall only, late September to early November. Halloween weekend has extra dates. Open 7PM – 11PM on Friday and Saturday, and 7PM – 10PM on Thursdays and Sundays.  Last chance weekend is the weekend after Halloween in November.  Times may vary (see the schedule when it’s announced).

How much do tickets cost?

There is a basic ticket price (General Admission), and a skip-the-line “Speed Pass”.  On a busy night you may still have to wait in the fast pass line, but you are sent through sooner then the others with standard tickets. You can order tickets in advance here, and see exact prices for each date.  Tickets are often discounted early in the season and for “Last Chance Weekend” after Halloween.  Please note: the “speed pass” cost includes one ticket plus the “skip the line” access. The exclusive “R.I.P. Pass” is currently sold out — this pass includes an Escape Room ticket, and a VIP “skip the line” pass with and entry into the Haunted House afterward.

What’s in next season’s Haunted House? How long is it?

To be announced in the Summer 2018.  Our terrifying Halloween-season “House of Horror” haunted house features themed areas and experiences, all included as part of your walk-through.  The experience varies by group and individual, based on the pacing that night and the different actors. It changes season to season, too.  Just finished our 4th season!

What is the R.I.P Pass?

Currently sold out – thanks!  This past season, we offered a limited-supply of “R.I.P. Passes”.  The R.I.P. Pass is a package deal that includes an Escape Room ticket (choose from 3 different rooms), and a VIP “skip the line” pass with and entry into the Haunted House afterward.

Do you give refunds?

No, tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. However, in some exceptional cases, we can arrange for the ticket purchased to be used on a different night if you are unable to use it for the designated date. Please contact us if you wish to arrange this, but please understand that we cannot guarantee any changes.

Are you open when it rains?

Yes, we an all indoor facility. It is a 28,000 square foot movie theater with overhangs outside while you wait in line. The only time we may close for weather-related reasons would be a hurricane and or a snow/ice event. In this case, please check the website and our Facebook page for closures and urgent notices.

How long is the walk through?

About 20 to 30 minutes depending on how fast or slow a group moves through.

Is parking free and where do we park?

Yes, parking is free. We recommend parking in the parking lot by Chuck E Cheese or on 4th Street and Marshall Ave. There is plenty of open parking behind the building.

How old do you have to be?

The typical age of patrons going through the haunt is 10 years old and older, possibly younger if they are scare friendly.  Children under 10 are not recommended unless they are scare-friendly (it is scary).

Can a pregnant women go through the haunt?

Yes, with CAUTION and AT YOUR OWN RISK! It is not recommended to go through if you are pregnant. It is a risk to you and the baby as you may be startled easily. You also run risks entering fun house areas that are not level.

Are there food vendors on site or do you have a concession area?

Yes, we have a concession area with some basic snacks. We have a fountain soda machine with coke products, and we do sell Monster energy drinks (in a can) as well. We have fresh popped popcorn, candy and various other goodies to tide you over while you wait in line.

Are there bathrooms?

Yes, they are conveniently located in the concession area in the back.

Are there group rates?

Yes, on parties of 10 or more we offer your group a discounted speed pass. Please contact us if you are not provided a special rate online.

Is it scary?

Yes, most patrons find the majority of the haunt scary. WARNING: YOU ARE ENTERING AT YOUR OWN RISK! If you have any heart conditions, vertigo, or a history of seizures, we do not recommend going through. Wearing flat closed-toe shoes is best. There are areas where heals and boots could cause potential issues as you walk through. We ask that you do not touch the actors or props, and, the actors will not touch you. Also, cell phones and flashlight use is not allowed. Please keep anything that has a glow hidden in a pocket or a purse.

Is it handicap accessible?

Yes, but we are not power chair accessible. We are manual chair accessible.

What are the rules concerning drinking?

For your safety, we kindly ask that you do not show up intoxicated for your adventure. This is for your own personal safety, as well as for other guests. We are in an old movie theater — our floors are often slanted, and we have many delicate props and custom-made décor. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE A GUEST for safety reasons, particularly if they cannot control themselves due to inebriation. Please save your “party time” for after your experience! We will gladly tell you where great bars are in the area once you finish your game. Thanks!

Where can I find out about the Escape Rooms?

Read all about it right here. Make a reservation here.