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Laurels House of Horror - Welcome to the Haunt (copyright)Laurel’s House of Horror, a haunted complex built inside an abandoned movie theater, presents “Escape the Movies” (revamped), “Seven Deadly Sins” (new), “Horror Stories”, and “The Rising Dead” (formerly “Resident Horror”).  Each attraction brings you and a group an entirely unique and challenging escape room experience.  Let the Haunt test your fears… and your mind!


ESCAPE ROOMS : be aware this is a haunted house and our escape rooms are themed accordingly. We’ve included details about each room below, along with links to our FAQs. LIVE ACTORS* : some rooms have a live actor as part of the game to enhance your experience. For most rooms, there is no touching (or incidental / unintentional touching), unless stated in the game description. Please let the game master know if you have any special issues during the 15-minute intro before the game. We want you to have fun!

Scare Factor - Rating Key for Laurels House of Horror and Escape Room
Scare factor: 1 (not scary) – 5 (very scary)
Puzzle Skill - Rating Key for Laurels House of Horror and Escape Room
Puzzle skill: 1 (easiest) – 5 (hardest)

Laurel's House of Horror and Escape Room - Escape the Movies
Escape the Movies – revamped

“Escape the Movies” is all-new in 2017, with revamped puzzles and features.  You and a group will experience four distinctive rooms, with iconic scenes from your favorite record-breaking horror films including Halloween (Michael Myers), Purge, Saw, and The Conjuring 2. Solve intricate puzzles and race the clock to escape.  Your limits will be tested in an attempt to truly Escape the Movies… or become our next victims trapped inside the haunted theater!

What’s different about the new “Escape the Movies”? It’s more interactive, with new scares, a bigger rooms and a better experience. Perfect for small and large groups: it’s team-building, mind-challenging fun in four distinctive rooms.  A live actor is part of the experience* (one person may be taken from the group and put in a new room, touching may occur as part of the experience). Reservations only. 45 minute game. $30 tickets. See Photo 1 | Photo 2

Puzzle skill: 2.5 / 5 (medium difficulty)
Puzzle Skill - 2.5 / 5 - Laurels House of Horror and Escape Room
Scare factor: 3 / 5 (fairly scary)
Scare Factor - 3 / 5 - Laurels House of Horror and Escape Room

Seven Deadly Sins– new

“Seven Deadly Sins” is the most unique, and easily the most challenging escape room experience we’ve ever created.  In five and a half “ancient” and elaborate rooms, you and a group will be tested to your absolute limits to overcome intricate puzzles, time-sensitive obstacles and a difficult environment.  More intense than our original rooms, all of your sense will be tested to escape the seven sins.

You enter through Pride (the first room) — will you leave with Pride, or be Envious of the ones that escape? Perfect for team-building.  A live actor is part of the experience*.  Reservations only. 45 minute game. $30 tickets. See Photos | Watch Video

Puzzle skill: 3.5 / 5 (challenging)
Puzzle Skill - 3.5 / 5 - Laurels House of Horror and Escape Room
Scare factor: 1 / 5 (not too scary)
Scare Factor - 1 / 5 - Laurels House of Horror and Escape Room


Laurel's House of Horror and Escape Room - Seven Deadly Sins

Laurel's House of Horror and Escape Room - Horror Stories

Horror Stories – New

Inspired by the TV show’s different seasons, this escape room experience is a unique competition game. The group is split into two teams, and it’s a race to see who can finish first.

It’s all new puzzles in “Horror Stories”. Like our original escape race game “Good vs. Evil”, it’s still not scary, but we’re making it just a touch easier on the puzzle skill scale. This room must have 4 players to start. If your group is less than four, you will get confirmation once others join the time slot. No live actor is part of this experience. Reservations only. 45 minute game. $30 tickets. Minimum 4 required per room.

Puzzle skill: 3.5 / 5 (challenging)
Puzzle Skill - 3.5 / 5 - Laurels House of Horror and Escape Room
Scare factor: 0 / 5 (not scary)
Scare Factor - 0 / 5 - Laurels House of Horror and Escape Room


“The Rising Dead” is inspired by the hit zombie TV series, with hints of the hospital scene from the first season. This new game is one of our scariest yet, with the added pressure and motivation of a live-actor zombie. Can you get out of the quarantine room into the hospital lab? Bring your friends — you’ll need all the help you can get!

Formerly “Resident Horror”, this escape room experience has re-launched as “The Rising Dead” starting in August. A live actor is part of the experience* (incidental, but not intentional, touching may occur due to unpredictable activities of the dead). Reservations only. 45 minute game. $30 tickets. Watch Video

Puzzle skill: 3 / 5 (medium difficulty)
Puzzle Skill - 3 / 5 - Laurels House of Horror and Escape Room
Scar factor: 4 / 5 (scary)
Scare Factor - 4 / 5 - Laurels House of Horror and Escape Room


Laurel's House of Horror and Escape Room - The Rising Dead (formerly Resident Horror)

Game Details

  • THIS IS A TIMED OUT GAME, PLEASE ARRIVE 15 TO 30 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED TIME.  We will not be able to accommodate later then 15 minutes from your appointed time.
  • The escape room experience is around one hour, with about 45 minutes of game play.
  • Groups will be limited to 8 players per game session.  For larger groups and private parties, please send us a message.
  • Tickets are reservation only, available only through our online ticket page.
  • We do not currently offer a “group” discount, but do offer private party rental rates.
  • Escape rooms are all indoors, open rain or shine.
FOR YOUR SAFETY : we kindly ask that you do not show up intoxicated for your adventure. This is for your own personal safety, as well as for other guests. We are in an old movie theater — our floors are often slanted, and we have many delicate props and custom-made décor. We reserve the right to remove a guest for safety reasons, particularly if they cannot control themselves due to inebriation. Please save your “party time” for after your game! We will gladly tell you where great bars are in the area once you finish your game. Thanks! – Laurel’s House of Horror Management.

Schedule: escape rooms are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday each weekend to the public.  Times vary, but you can check for available slots through the booking app.  Thursdays are reserved for private parties and events.  Time slots tend to book up quickly, so make reservations early!

Game Sessions: if your reservation group of players consists of less than the full amount of player slots available for a session (8), there is a good chance that you will be combined with other players. We recommend this not only to create a fun, team-building atmosphere, but multiple brains working together during a session will increase your chances for a successful escape!

Private Sessions: to guarantee a private session exclusively for yourself and fellow players of your choosing, you must purchase all 8 gamer slots. Please contact us to make a private reservation on a different time or day of the week.

Confirmation: after a reservation is placed, you will receive an email that will include escape room details including our Rules, Policies, and Disclosures. Please review these carefully before attending our attraction. Our frequently asked questions are online, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private Parties and Corporate Events

Private parties and events are reserved for Thursdays – please contact us for booking.  We can sometimes accommodate other days and times, and larger groups on a case by case basis.

Promo Codes

From time to time we offer special promotions. You can enter your code directly into the booking app during date selection and checkout. Read our FAQ for restrictions and info. The date and time you select has to be available for your group to reserve that game session. You may need to give the system time to update the codes if you’ve just purchased them. Restrictions may apply as stated in the promotions — these promotional deals do not cover private parties and special reservations on other days of the week.

Questions?  Message us