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Read Reviews | Yelp | DC Haunted Houses (4.8 / 5.0)

On behalf of our entire crew, thank you for all your reviews and support. We appreciate it more than you know and work extremely hard to make the experience the best we possibly can. See you soon!

“One of the best haunts I’ve visited in the East coast. Top notch production.”

– Eli

Laurel Haunt

“The old Laurel movie theater was a perfect location for something like this. They have the characters perfectly placed through out the tour, along with different themes in each section. You travel through out different theaters…”

– Rodney

“I managed to scream my heart out.”

– Rasha

“So much fun!  I always wanted to do a lock room. We had a group of 3 n shared with another group of 4. There are 4 rooms of confusion. Use ur wits 2 solve the clues u have 45 min. We got out with only 30 seconds. I almost died!!”

– Danielle

“We went in alone, just the two of us at first and they were scary just explaining the rules… I loved it. My brother walked straight out terrified.”

– Weson

“Definitely the best haunted house in the DMV area!”

– Sonia

“Lots of fun, very scary! The employees were great… the escape was four rooms, so there was a lot to do.”

– Priscilla

“I love haunted houses. Laurel’s House of Horror is one of the scariest and most realistic haunted house in the area. If you are up for a good scare… the actors and sound effects really made it a scary and awesome experience! Strongly recommend it.”

– Rose

Laurel's House of Horror“LOVED this place!”

– Jess

“The venue, a closed movie theater, is original. This haunt had more actors than I have seen in most venues… And they were great! The girl clown was especially good. Creepy! Worth a trip!”

– Great venue and great acting

“It was a great time! We had so much fun, but it was scary!!! It’s not as easy as you think, but once you find the clues you’re surprised that you didn’t find it sooner!”

– Yani

“Well worth the money and trip.”

– Great Time in Laurel

“They are getting better and more creative every year.”

– Rasha (her second time!)

“Nailed it. I went with two ten year olds. All three of us were scared out of our skins. We screamed from beginning to end. And the end was crazy, you’ll never expect it. We couldn’t wait to get out and then we couldn’t wait to go back in.”

– Dionne

“I had a ball.  I will definitely go back again.”

– Brian

“Very classic feel… they use all the old characters from the classic films and they def get it right.”

– Ron

“I highly recommend this place.”

– Beatriz

“You can tell they take pride in what they do, it is very well set up.”

– Steve

“One of the best haunted houses I’ve been to! Just great classic scare tactics.”

– Mandy